Reisensburg 1996: Abstract A. Krause
Statistical Computing '96 - Schloß Reisensburg

The Internet - Resources and Potentials for Statistics

Andreas Krause

Ciba-Geigy AG, Basel

We examine the use and usefulness of the Internet specifically for statistics and related fields. During the presentation, several sources on the Internet are mentioned and commented.

The general functionality of the Internet and its related subjects is introduced, and an overview of the standard terminology used in the broad context of the subject is given.

After this introduction, the different types of services are reviewed briefly. Their functionality is overviewed and some comments on practicability and usage are provided together with concrete examples from different statistics related sources.

Some recent developments in the World Wide Web are looked at which show some of the potential the Internet might have for statisticians. An outlook on what the future might bring finishes the presentation, hopefully leading to an interesting discussion.


  1. Krause, A. (1994). Electronic Services in Statistics. CSDA vol.19, 5, 595-604.

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