Reisensburg 1997: Abstract Sawitzki
Statistical Computing '97 - Schloß Reisensburg

Bertin-Plots and local models

Günther Sawitzki

Institut für Angewandte Mathematik
Universität Heidelberg

Local models are models restricted in the scope of cases or variables or both. They occur naturally in the modelling process using Bertin graphs [de Falguerolles et al., 1997] and are the building blocks in tree based procedures such as CART and DART [Friedman, 1996].

We illustrate the definition and use of local models in the context of Bertin graphs, and their relation to the strategies layed out in [de Falguerolles et al., 1997].


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    See also
  2. Friedman, J.: Local learning based on recursive covering. Preprint. Stanford 1996
    See also

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