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3.4 Mailbase based lists

For allstat, minitab, and all other open UK mailbase lists the administration address is mailbase@<address>.

To join a list, send the message join <listname> <firstname> <lastname>

to the administration address.

Example: To join allstat, send a message to containing the single line join allstat Winnie Poo replacing Winnie Poo by your own name. The owner of the list has (in this example!) the address for special problems. To leave, send the message leave allstat to the mailbase address.

allstat offers the service of more detailed information. Send the message send allstat introduction to the mailbase address to receive more information.

The exact-stats lists at the UK mailbase is an exception, as it not open for automatic self-subscription. To join this list, send a message which need not be in the standard format, and may include reasons for wanting to join the list, to, where the list owner will deal with it personally.

Andreas Krause
Mon May 15 19:18:23 MET DST 1995