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2 Overview of current lists

In the following, we summarize some lists and contents currently known to us. It is definitely not complete, and more information could also be added to it. Some lists are also available from more than one site, and in those instances, only one site is given here.

The descriptions were taken, if possible, from their own introductions or the list manager's description. Also, we restricted ourselves to lists which are at least somehow related to the broad field of statistics and serve as a discussion forum for professional statisticians in industry and educational institutions.

Details of how to join the lists are given at the end of this article. The numbers in parentheses reference the subscription method for the list, and these methods will be explained later.

A word about the usage of the lists: Several people proposed to add the information of how much a list is used to the descriptions. As these figures change dramatically, this seems to be very temporary information. Some lists had a 100 % increase in Email submissions in the last year. You can expect a few Emails a week to 20 or thirty a day, depending on the list and its topic.

Andreas Krause
Mon May 15 19:18:23 MET DST 1995