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5.3 Local distribution lists

Some lists have several thousand subscribers and a traffic volume of twenty or more Emails a day, resulting in a daily distribution of 100,000 Emails. If there are more than one or two people at your site interested in joining a list, please set up a local distribution list to reduce the workload of the server. In this way, you can also store all incoming Emails locally for later access.

Setting up a local distribution is easy to do on UNIX systems. One local subscriber is installed, and all incoming Email to this user is automatically forwarded to all interested local people. In this way, one can also create a local archive of all incoming Email for the list.

A few lists do not permit submission of Emails, if the originator is not a direct subscriber. You might want to check this out before actually installing a local distribution list.

Andreas Krause
Mon May 15 19:18:23 MET DST 1995