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5.6 Before sending Email to the world

One word of warning: A very common mistake, annoying all subscribers, is that people send subscription messages to the lists themselves (the list address), instead of the administration address, such that these messages are broadcasted to all subscribers. In this case, the list manager will have to intervene and add you manually. The same applies to leaving lists.

If you do get into a situation where you want the list owner's help, see section 3 for how to reach the administrator directly.

Further information

There are some related overviews available. We mention explicitly

the Directory of Scholarly Electronic Conferences, which focuses more on mathematics. Contact Diane Kovacs ( to obtain more information.
the Guide to Statistical Computing Resources on the Internet, written by Ken Varnum and John Weise, which is especially helpful if you want more hints to SAS and SPSS sites. It is accessible via
ftp (, directory /inetdirsstacks), gopher
(gopher://, and WWW
Zen and the Art of the Internet, providing a good overview on all the Internet facilities and more (gopher://

Some recent publications in book form for further reading are 'The whole Internet' by Ed Krol, which seems to be one of the most popular publications about the Internet and its services. It contains detailed descriptions of all services and programs related to the Internet, like WWW, gopher or WAIS.

Allan Reese (1994) provides a good motivation for novices to start Internet activities. It contains descriptions of selected lists and typical questions raised there.

And finally, the issue 10/94 of the German computer magazine c't contains several introductory articles. Hosenfeld (1994) comprises the terminology and introduces to the most important services.

HOSENFELD, F. 1994: Keimzelle: Von EMail bis WWW -- die wichtigsten Dienste des Internet. c't magazin für computertechnik, 10/94, 112--118.KROL, ED 1994: The Whole Internet: User's Guide and Catalog. 2nd edition. O'Reilly & Associates.REESE, R. ALLAN 1994: The Internet -- A User's View. Chance, Vol. 7, No. 4, 49--54.

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